ALS, EPALS, NLS, ARNI, GIC ILSi courses:  

We are able to verify certificates for these courses. Please allow 14 working days for verification. Resuscitation Council UK’s advanced course certificates are valid for four years from the course date. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify course certificates older than four years which have expired.  

RCUK writes the UK’s Resuscitation Guidelines and Quality Standards. Our Guidelines and Quality Standards documents are used by health and care organisations as the benchmark for best practices for providing resuscitation services and care throughout the UK. As such, all RCUK’s courses meet the national requirements for these guidelines and standards. Therefore, the Core Skills Training Framework/Skills for Health benchmark their requirements against our guidelines, standards, courses and levels of training.  


Please complete the attached Certificate Verification Form and email it to Please send the completed form using an email address within your organisation. 


ILS, PILS courses:  

Resuscitation Council UK does not hold a centralised records for ILS and PILS Candidate course results. We are therefore unable to verify ILS and PILS Candidate certificates. 


Please contact the issuing ILS/PILS Course Centre stated on the certificate or from the details on our ILS or PILS Course Centre listing page.