All modules open in a new window/tab and to close them you must close the window/tab itself. Here are some keyboard shortcuts for commonly used browsers on a PC/Mac:

  • for any browser in Windows or Linux, press Control ("Ctrl") and W.
  • for any browser in Mac, press Command and W.
  • for Internet Explorer and Firefox, if you have a middle mouse button, clicking a tab with it will close the tab. If your middle button is a wheel, press it downward; do not spin it.

If you are using a handheld device (e.g. iPad), modules open in a new tab and to close them, please close the tab and then manually navigate to the tab where all other modules can be accessed. 

This should then take you back to the course's main page where other modules can be opened. For completed modules, the boxes on the right will be fill as shown below: